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Is there cash in that envelope?

envelope printing in San Diego

The question is being asked. But should there be cash in that envelope, it could only just ave been filled, perhaps even the purveyor of the envelope still gets a whiff of the inky envelope printing in San Diego. This is professional envelope printing by the way. One cannot see how anyone is going to be able to fit a printing press at the back of their garage. And would it not make such a noise? So much noise.

That the neighbors are going to begin to complain. But then again you know, you could still do this kind of printing at home without having to bother about the neighbors and without having to fuss about at the back of the garage. Indeed, many simply do not ave the luxury of owning their own garage door space anyway. Property and its prices are at a prime. And so there is that, it’s been around for years, actually.

Only if you are going to be doing this kind of printing at home you should not expect anytjing on the industrial scale and volume. Yes, it is called desktop printing afterall, and you could still get a sizeable volume of envelope printing done. Perfect for printing wedding invitations, big anniversary events as well. But on the commercial and industrial scale, perhaps not when the number start running into triple digits.

And of course, you should expect to find any cash in those envelopes. Sadly, those days are gone forever.

Even so, it is not all bad. You would be just so amazed at just how quickly good old grandma adjusts herself to all the new technologies these days. And yes, when you start talking about money, you see how quickly those eyes light up.