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What Equipment Is Used To Clean Carpets?

When it comes to cleaning carpets we need to have the right machines. Since there are many different types of carpets, these machines will need to be adjusted for each specific job. For those looking for commercial carpet cleaning near me in Seattle, here are some of the tools used in cleaning your carpet.

Rotary brush. This is one of the most important tools in cleaning carpets. The rotation of the brushes and their configuration will determine how effectively your carpet will be cleaned. There are some brands that use stiff bristles to penetrate deep into those fibers and remove any stains, dirt or even mud from it. It also helps in loosening any dirt that could have been embedded in the fibers.

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A beater-bar is also used in carpet cleaning. It works together with the suction capability of a vacuum to loosen and remove any dirt or soil from your carpet. This action helps break down those stubborn stains making it easier to clean your carpet.

The rotating bar brush in the vacuum works together with the air flow to help loosen and remove any dirt from your carpet. This will also help eliminate those stubborn stains on your carpeting.

A heavy duty commercial machine is used for cleaning carpets that are made of delicate materials such as oriental rugs, wool or silk. These machines are used to clean larger areas which may contain many rugs and carpets. The machine is used to dry the carpet faster and reduces drying time by up to 50%.

Water extraction method is considered as the most effective method of cleaning your carpet. In this process, any debris or soil that could have been embedded in the fibers are loosened and is then extracted from the carpet. Since this method requires thorough cleaning of your carpet, it should be done by professionals that have undergone proper training and can give you expert advice when it comes to maintaining your carpets.